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Noli Me Tangere

Both sides of Highway 93 from Calgary to Radium are sprinkled with various scenic spots for travelers to enjoy. Creeks, ponds, cliffs, trails, waterfalls, etc. compete for the attention of visitors and explorers. Selfies and real time FB postings are never ending.

Interestingly, within a span of 86 kilometers on that highway two waterfalls beg for attention, Tatakaw and Numa. Comparatively, Numa is just like a bust in size while Tatakaw towers like a monument. The same elements of beauty, though, are present – mountain backdrop, falling water, a flowing hum, and cooling mist. Nature’s workmanship and beauty are unparalleled. Perfectly spaced, visitors have all the reason to stop by for a quick selfie, snack, and bio break.

Roughly 20 minutes or the 35-kilometer drive from Calgary to Airdrie is just a warmup. No need for a restroom or stop over. For Filipino-Canadians visiting these two Cities, two interesting new spots are in the making. A bust (in Airdrie) and monument (in Calgary) of Philippines’ National Hero, Jose Rizal.

On the surface these initiatives are uniquely interesting on many fronts. First, quite possibly first of its kind in the world – two, a monument and a bust of a non-Canadian hero will be erected 35 kilometers apart. Second, the bust in Airdrie was endorsed by the Office of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG). Whereas Calgary’s was initiated by a local group. Third, names of donors and sponsors of both the bust and monument will be properly acknowledged. Fourth, the craftsmanship of the creators of both tributes will be imported and featured. Fifth, the premise behind these erections is the opportunity for fellow Filipinos to commemorate and show pride for the motherland by visiting the bust or monument of their beloved hero.

Underneath, however, are questions and observations begging to be spoken and answered. One, Calgary is the Philippine Government’s (PCG) official seat in this part of Canada. Why erect a bust in Airdrie? Two, was the idea of a monument in Calgary never discussed with PCG by the other group? Three, monuments of Canadian pioneers, influencers, leaders, etc. are being defaced or cancelled. Why erect two in Alberta of a non-Canadian hero? Fourth, this 35 km fissure may put the Filipino community’s pride, credibility, and unity in question. Finally, have you heard any politician talk about how they can help the Filipino community unite during the ground-breaking ceremonies of the two sites?

Why do you think Dr. Jose Rizal penned "Noli Me Tangere" ("Touch Me Not" or "The Social Cancer") and "El Filibusterismo" ("The Reign of Greed")?

Credit PCG Facebook

Credit: Jason Kenny FB

Community events

July 11, 2021, PIOCC/SKS sponsored Almusal. Hosted by and held at Pacific

Hut Restaurant in Calgary, AB. Photo: DAS

Shake it off and get ready folks!

July 10, 2021. AGA Academy 2021 Stampede Breakfast Extravaganza.

1000 attendees and graced by Girl Crush Band of Calgary. Photo: AGA Academy