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Beauty of diversity or boiling adversary?

DARN July 2020 Issue

Folks happy Canada Day! Please, keep your mask on and distance!

Canada . . .

Afar, the beauty of diversity!

Up close, a boiling adversary?

June 6, 2020 Anti-Racism rally at the Olympic Plaza Calgary.


Weather, perfect! Mask fitted. Bottled water sealed, Running shoes comfy. Hat well adjusted. Crackers secured. ID ready. Cell phone charged. Sunglasses cleaned. CT Train tickets in the pocket. Exit plan memorized. Words to chant— just follow the crowd.

My daughter and I reached Olympic plaza and it was packed with people already. The rally was a vigil for George Floyd who was killed in the US of A weeks earlier.

People’s passion for change and justice was intense. Tens of thousands chanted with vigor and clarity. No justice no peace, and black lives matter chanting filled the plaza.