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Boost Immune System Online Cooking Contest: Let your food speaks your culture and heritage

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

How To Enter and Win:

Phase 1 (February 15- May 15, 2021) = 30% Total Score & People’s Choice Award

1. Create your recipe using Beans and Lentils¹ and 2-3 other Immune² System Boosting Ingredients³.

2. Take a Photo of your cooked Cuisine, including a list down of ingredients, measurements and procedures.

3. Submit Your Recipe with Photo, Ingredients and Procedure and Photo to our Diaryo Alberta Face Page or Diaryo Alberta Society webpage with #BoostImmuneSystem Online Cooking Contest. Submission runs between May16-30, 2021. All Entries will be posted on Diaryo Alberta Facebook Page and the Diaryo Alberta Society webpage.

4. Invite your family and friends all over the world to vote for your recipe to win the People’s Choice Award. The Top 12 ( 2 finalists from each course: 1.Appetizers. 2. Salad/Soup, 3. Entree, 4. Side Dish, 5. Dessert & 6. Snack) with most votes will advance to Phase 2. Voting starts June 12 and ends June 29, 2021.

Phase 2 ( June 12-30 2021) = 30% Total Overall Score & Judges Pick

5. The Top 12: 6 Home Cook Category (morning) & 6 from Junior Category (afternoon) with Highest Votes will be invited on June 25th to bring the actual finished Dish for tasting and judging (the judging site-to be determined ). Criteria for Judges Picks: Ease of Preparation (40%), Flavour (30% and Presentation (30%

6. Judges will pick the top 2 from each course for both Junior and Home cook categories to advance to Phase 3.

Phase 3 ( July 1-August 15, 2021 = 40% Total Overall Score & The Best Immune-Boosting Recipe Champions

6. All recipes will be replicated by a DAS endorsed Chefs and REKADOS/The Main Ingredient and Marietta Pangan for Ease of Preparation, Flavour and Presentation (50% Phase 3 Total Score)

7. Nutrition Analysis and Health Benefits and Variety (50% Phase 3 Total Score) by REKADOS (The Main Ingredient/and/or Marietta Pangan.

WINNERS Will Receive:

  1. CASH $$$

  2. Certificate of Recognition and Bragging Rights as the Ultimate Immune Booster Cooking Champion

  3. You and your recipe will be featured in the Fall issue of ALLbertan Magazine and/or Diaryo Alberta Digital News.

  4. You will be featured at The Main Ingredient Segment @ FCM Live.

  5. An actual CHEF will mentor you, and you will become “CHEF for a Day” using your own recipe!

PLEASE READ BELOW for FULL contest rules, regulations and copyrights.


CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS For Both Junior and Home Cook Categories:


a. By entering the Contest and submitting an Entry, each entrant:

(i) In perpetuity, grants to the Sponsor a non-exclusive license to publish, display, reproduce, modify, edit, or otherwise use the Entry Materials associated with the Entry, in whole or in part, for advertising or promoting the Contest or for any other reason.

(ii) waives a