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Edlyn Abella for Mrs. Pilipinas Canada!

Good day fellow Filipinos!! I am Edlyn Abella from The NE of Calgary, AB. your Mrs. Pilipinas-Canada candidate number 12. I am originally from the province of Laguna, Philippines and came here in Canada in Dec 2008 as a contract worker and now a proud Filipino-Canadian. I am a single mom of 2 beautiful kids that I love with all my heart. I am a licensed realtor and entrepreneur. You can check my facebook page “Doll Luxury Ca” if you are looking for branded bags and accesories. I joined the Mrs.Pilipinas Canada pageant here in Calgary, Ab because I want to build more of my self confidence. I grew up really shy when I was a kid. I even remember not performing for the school program and I froze on one side and never moved because I got flustered and felt anxious. But as time goes by, I had overcome it little by little as I grew older. And now I am able to face and talk to people with confidence. I joined the pageant because I want to learn more of myself and be an inspiration to everyone that we are beautiful as we are. No matter what age we are, what color we have, what our beauty preferences are and what sizes we are. Skinny or fat, young or mature, black or white skin, we are all beautiful. Let’s have the confidence to flaunt what we have because we are all beautiful. If I win the title, I would like to be an ambassadress of goodwill and be able to inspire & teach people on how to reinvent themselves through entrepreneurship and be able to inspire to be confident in everything that they do.

Please don’t forget to cast your vote daily using the link below.

Thank you for your support!

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