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FOGWA-CANADA extends help to "kababayan" and frontliners

FOGWA (Filipino Overseas Grateful Association)-CANADA, an organization for thirteen years now is staying positive in a negative situation!

The current officers of the said organization spearheaded A Monetary Drive for “Pantawid-Tulong ng FOGWA-CANADA for Covid-19 Crisis ON April 9-26, 2020, everything is voluntary in nature. Despite of the fact that almost all of its members lose their jobs, the spirit of extending help to their relatives and “kababayans” backhome are still very much alive. After almost a month of doing the campaign, FOGWA was able to raise and donate almost P100,000, enough to send and buy 200 sacks of 10 kls rice@ and feed snacks for frontliners for 4 days. The beneficiaries of this good deeds are deserving families, mostly lives in barrios ore remote areas, in Laur, Nueva Ecija-Philippines, where majority of the members came from.

It is overwhelming to know that everyone is still very willing to extend help and even ask how they can help more! It’s not actually the amount they voluntarily give but the thoughts of helping out matters the most. Many parents and members encouraged their kids as well to get involved in the fundraising drive which is totally touching. These acts of involving & showing our kids make Filipino culture stronger and preserve, making them realized as well how privilege we are in this country.

“Masuwerte pa rin tayo kahit papaano dito sa Canada, may suporta tayo agad sagobyerno” (We’re still very lucky here in Canada, we have immediate support from the government), Ms. Jovelyn Inocando, current President of FOGWA, added.

Also, FOGWA founder, Mr. Ferdie Gamboa, officers and some members were able to help one family whose mother had a surgery and hospitalized. “As much as we wanted to help more those who are seeking for help, our funds are also very limited because we a non profit organization” officers added.

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