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Fundemic amid pandemic...laughter is the best medic! "From Solar to Viral" (Series # 1)

Can you pinpoint Earth in the solar system?

Earth is not aimlessly floating and in isolation in space. Its journey and destination remain constant. It follows a pattern, orientation, configuration, and sense of purpose or function—with its other BFF planets.

Earth provides all what it takes for mankind to live and survive.

However, just a small change in speed of rotation in its axis and around the sun; distance from the sun; gravitational pull; temperature; atmospheric pressure etc.…humans will be in extinction.

Over time, man became complicit, complacent, corrupt, covetous, careless, complaining, cabal, callous, condescending, conceited and creepy.

Then came Covid19. The new kid in town. It conveys a very compelling, concerning and confirming truth. Covid19 and the rest of his clan (see below) are the great equalizers. They treat us all equal. They bring anxiety, illness and worry - and the best of humanity.

Having said, though, what more worrisome is - i got only two and a half rolls of toilet paper remaining. Oh, no!

Ymor's Fundemic Series in the horizon. Please tune in. Thanks

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