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Canadian Cultural Mosaic As Globalfest 2020 Premiers

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Marietta Pangan

Oneworld goes virtual to have something for everyone this 2020. Yes, Globalfest 2020 just premiered its Chapter 1 with the opening features, Canadian Cultural Mosaic on the GlobalFestYYC YouTube channels. The links are right here.

Globalfest features several cultures as part of Alberta Culture Days. Watch this Canadian Cultural Mosaic Chapter 1 and learn the history of the Indigenous people who steward this Canadian land before us. Witness their stories as pioneer settlers to Canada.

Additional clips of OneWorld Virtual Showcase - Alberta Culture Days is here:

.Next in line is The Pavilion Spotlights, where the Philippines is included. Pavilion Spotlights are to be released this fall, from September 21, 2020-December 21, 2020. Get excited about the 2020 Passport Pursuit program as part of the Pavilion Spotlight.

Globalfest Golf Tournament starts September 21, 2020, and stay tuned for Globalfest Human Rights For Forum, with the theme: Calgary's Commitment to Combating and Ending Racism. The Forum is scheduled to be announced. Click this link for further details:

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