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Globalfest Celebrates 20th Anniversary with a Multi Cultural Gala

Updated: May 31, 2022

Ms. Pining

Credit: Len Chan

Filipino Community with ConGen of Indonesia together with Indonesian and Malaysian communities.

Globalfest 2022 is here again! The most explosive fireworks displays are a must-see for the summer. Globalfest is a beautiful celebration of Calgary’s multi-cultural communities featuring pavilions, performances, international food, children’s programming and pyro-musical competitions. The launch was held in St. Vladimir’s Cultural Centre, close to the fantastic architecture of St. Vladimir Church. Everyone was dressed in a colourful outfit to celebrate cultural awareness. The food was delicious, charcuteries style with some nachos. Salmon and the cold cuts were my favourites. Great for a light snack for the summer. Various cultures perform traditional dances, such as Thailand, China, Ukraine, etc.

Credit: Len Chan

The Gala Night is filled with insightful storytelling. The organizers and management of the Globalfest community encouraged everyone with their Speeches. Globalfest 20th Anniversary celebration event will showcase presentations produced by world-class pyro musical artists from India, Austria, France and Germany, plus a Canadian-produced finale. Both OneWorld and the International Fireworks are part of the annual GlobalFest celebrations at Elliston Park in East Calgary.

Credit: Len Chan

To honour the traditions of their ancestors, the Aboriginal community introduced the event performance through storytelling, chanting and powwow. MaharlikaDiva Dancers represented Filipino Community with pleasantness and charm. Their dance Subli and Paypay de Manila awed the crowd with their colourful dresses and graceful dance moves. Anticipate their astounding performances throughout the summer.

Credit: Len Chan

The night ended with a sharing circle dance amongst sponsors and community representatives. The essential purpose of the circle is to create a safe, non-judgmental place where each participant has the opportunity to contribute to the community. A silent auction drawing of many beautiful handcrafted cultural items also took place. There was plenty of food left to enjoy, and photos and networking continued throughout the night.

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