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Good Neighbour Day Calgary

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Len Chan

20 June 2020. June 20th, marked the Good Neighbour Day within and across the city communities. People in different walks of life and enthnicities shown their ways in being good neighbours.

Photo: A good neighbour. Len Chan

At ATCO Veterans Village neighbours of the Village for the Four Plex institution showed their good neighbour spirits. They keep their food pantry with foods and anyone can take what they need or leave what they want to share. This program is in support of the veterans neighbours.

The programs was well attended including the City of Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi. During the program, everyone walking by are invited to partake or take what they need for their pantries. The program is also participated by different non profit supporting organizations such as Action Dignity, Sunrise Community Link, Calgary Foundation and United Way to name a few.

The programs is held in different locations in the greater Forest Lawn Areas.

Mayor Nenshi with Good Neighbours. Photo Len Chan

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