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MiscellaNEWS Jan-Feb 2022 Issue

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

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Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all well-deserved AWARDEES of the recently concluded PANDEMIC Community Champions and Heroic Stories Awards 2021.

LIVE STREAMED January 15, December 2022. 1:30 pm CRITERIA: a. The Story of Significant Stake. b. Original Initiative. c. The Initiative Positively Impacted the Community. d. Others Replicated the Acts of Heroism initiated.

We are also truly grateful to our FILCAN MEDIA, Generous Sponsors, Dedicated Volunteers and Supporters who believed in our continued advocacy. On behalf of: Diaryo Alberta Society: Romeo Honorio & Marietta Pangan Pinoy TV Special: Renato Barnachea FCM Live: Abel Pagaling, Jerry Caingcoy & Eric Cordero

This remarkable blended event is another path paved by the Diaryo Alberta Society and with significant support from our collaborators, community and businesses. Congratulations, Heroes!

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