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“PA-KODAK KA, PA-LECHON KO” Sulong Kalayaan Philippine Heritage Month Offerings for Albertans

Tata Delos Reyes

THE “PA-KODAK KA, PA-LECHON KO” (Take a selfie & win a Roast Pork) PHOTO CONTEST calls for all Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart to venture in to spreading good vibes amidst this challenging times. If there is one thing that this pandemic had brought in to the many hearts and souls of this nation, it is the spirit of togetherness. There may be this “physical-distancing” that everyone is trying their bests to get used to, but in reality, the world of technology out there brought in something that only our spirits can explain. This is a contest not only geared to cater to the community of Filipinos but is inviting all other people of different nationalities to share in the excitement of showing respect to the Country that harbours fun and love all throughout mankind. We all need the smiles and beams to ease up the tension brought about by the uncertainties of times. And how best to do that is to get one’s camera and click the button to get that grin off one’s face. Share the uniqueness that brings an overall positivity. Savor the moment of good camaraderie and friendship amongst all of us. And if you win? Share that sumptuous roast pork to your friends and loved ones. Happy June “Philippine Heritage Month” and “Independence Day” (June 12) to all!

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