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Philippines Fight Night At Globalfest- The Most Explosive Festival in Alberta

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Marietta Pangan

This 26th of August is Fight Night for the Philippines, and the 10-day Fight Nights for the Most Explosive Festival comeback with Globalfest 2021 in Alberta. This year’s presentation is creative with a heart! 2021 is a year like no other for Globalfest, Team Philippines and the rest of the Asian countries, China, India and Japan.

What makes GlobalFest International Fireworks Festival unique is that it is an 18-month long preparation to outdo itself annually, in a 10-day world premiere pyro-musical presentations from several competing countries all over the world. Globalfest is a unique artistic presentation like nothing else compared across the globe.

Each night is storytelling through blends of the perfect fireworks displays, synchronized with the music and sound effects to get the message across. Judges go by the quality of the collection based on originality, creative concept, proper staging, and climatic music effects.

The shimmering fireworks must also be a splendid match to produce brilliant colours and rich displays of designs. Each designer is allowed to play half of their music from their respective country of origin.

This year’s highlight of the presentation is the tribute to all COVID 19 heroes who were gravely affected; however, keep on fighting! Our Filipino designer Robert Basihan of Blue Peacock Fireworks, created the “A Lorica” (Our Fight Song), a lineup of 10 Fight Songs, as for the victims and survivors COVID-19. Basihan ultimately made this as a tribute to all the pandemic heroes, the frontline health workers.

That is why Globalfest management is giving away 50% discounts off general admission tickets for Philippines night only, Thursday 26 August, with promo code FRONTLINE. These discounts are available online and at the box office at Elliston Park just for Thursday, 26 August, 6-9 pm during Philippine night. This discount is an invitation to all real-time heroes- the Frontline workers who are invited to enjoy the night’s festivities.

2021 is also a very challenging year for the designers. Due to the travel restrictions, the designer and the Globalfest management arranged a local pyrotechnics team to collaborate and execute the show with the designer's team directing remotely.

Gates open at 6 pm. Performers around the lake provide entertainment from several of Calgary’s cultural associations. Philippines Cultural Performers such as Nina Mabugat, Jhana Mariel Villanueva and Maharlika Divas Dance Group will be gracing and performing throughout the night before the fireworks start at the four stages in each designated zone. There are also over 20 international food booths to tempt the taste buds.

The Philippines Night is supported by the new sponsor Excel Homes with their community-building goal of creating homes for families. Local Canadian team Archangel Fireworks Inc will present the GlobalFest Finale on Saturday, 28 August.

Globalfest Management is advising the public to get their general admission tickets soon as they are selling fast. All VIP Village Passes are already sold out. Tickets are available online and at the gate.

Attendees are encouraged to bring waterproof jackets and blankets to stay warm and dry in the cool evenings. Live updates and any weather holds will be announced across GlobalFest’s social media channels throughout the day. For ticket purchases and more, visit for more details.

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