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Restaurants Need Rescuing

Sharina Dumaran

The economy has taken a toll on many restaurants in Alberta. Many of them are going bankrupt, and you see for sale signs everywhere. I’m saddened to see many people lose their jobs because they lack the hours they are receiving. Due to social distancing, restaurants are limiting the number of people coming in their place, and seating is limited.

I was at a Filipino restaurant the other day, and there were barely people inside. It is usually full on a Saturday night with music playing and people chatting. Tragically, I did not see that. Government regulations were imposing strict sanitization rules, which is nice to see for the safety of everyone. When I came I had to get my hands sanitized, and when we sat down, they cleaned the table, the smell of the spray made me dizzy while consuming my meal.

While going to an Asian supermarket market, I noticed Mark and Joel in the corner were struggling for customers. They sold some delicious dining, tilapia and Lechon waiting to be eaten. I don’t know how long this will last and how long these restaurants will remain open. I saw an Indian restaurant created package food. They put it outside the table, hoping for people in the parking to see their goodies. No-one was buying. Some restaurants are forgotten, and no one is going to them. Restaurants can use your support during these times. Reaching out to the public to suggest any good restaurants that can use a boost. Hoping to get your suggestions. Please comment on my article. I’m sure these restaurants appreciate your help.

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