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Project: Construction of Rizal Bust in Airdrie

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It is exciting to have our national monument in the heart of Nose Creek Park, Airdrie. Thanks to the Filipino Airdrie Association for their commitment, hard work, and organizing and bringing everyone together to accomplish this historical moment. Through fundraising and public awareness, they made it happen. It was hard work from the volunteers to get the bust in from the Philippines.

Although it was chilly out during the unveiling, everyone came out and took the time to show their support. Volunteers came to help set up and clean up. Thanks to all the sponsors and guests. Thanks for sharing photos and videos on social media.

Jose Rizal was a nationalist in 1800 who opposed Spanish Colonial rule. He fought for freedom, justice and social reforms. Pepe also pushed for the democratic rights of the people of the Philippines. Rizal is known for his intellectual aptitude and compassion toward his fellow citizens. This national hero was executed and fired for inciting rebellion after the Philippine revolution at Bagumbayan, more popular as Luneta Park, on Dec. 30, 1896.

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