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The Birth of Philippine Culinary Excellence in Alberta Series

Updated: May 31, 2022

When the "Pearl of the Orient Cuisine" was introduced in 2017, it was the breakthrough collaboration with REKADOS (The Main Ingredient), the Philippine Culinary Federation of Canada (PCFC) & Diaryo Alberta Society (Diaryo/ Filipino).

This event was validated by attendees when the 1st ever Philippine Food Gala. According to the more than 180 guests who attended and experienced the event, The Gala broke the ceiling to the mainstream as how Filipino Cuisine is really at par with the rest of the world's class cuisines.

2018 has been a couple more breakthroughs. REKADOS-TMI, in collaboration with Filipino Food Movement YYC (FFMYYC), also introduced "Balik Kultura" (Going Back To Our Roots) in cooperation with the Hotel Arts Group of Companies. This high-end event with upscale Filipino Fusion Cuisine confirmed that Filipino Cuisine is now part of the OMG in the culinary world. PCFCs also introduced "Authentic Filipino Cuisine" to Globalfest as a testimony that every palate may get used and acquire our taste buds with a bit of tweaking and good presentation.

2019- Like in previous years, The Philippine Culinary Federation of Canada (PCFC), REKADOS-TMI and- Diaryo Alberta Society -highlighted Culinary Excellence and tourism with the" Philippine Cuisine Festival Gala" (PCFG).

PCFG is an upscale fusion menu where 6 Regional Recipes were meticulously prepared and showcased by 18 talented Filipino Canadian Chefs. The menu was served to approximately 300 guests with a dozen diplomats, several envoys, and entourage from various nations as VIP guests. Among VVIP attendees representing the Philippines are from the Department of Foreign Affairs- Philippine Consulate General in Calgary, headed by ConGen Bert Asuque and entourage, representatives from Department of Tourism/USA- San Francisco, Ms. Solei Tropicales and staff and Department of Trade and Industry-Toronto, represented by Ms. Nini Alvero. The Food Gala certainly takes all attendees to an evening of incredible gastronomic experience. Facebook

In 2019, REKADOS-TMI & DAS crafted a platform for food industries and restaurants in Alberta. DAS and REKADOS-TMI promoted the "Restaurants' Parade of Philippine Cuisine," where 12 Food Establishments in the Southern part of Alberta (Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Airdrie and Okotoks ) served 12 Authentic Regional dishes and Filipino cuisine around the community for the entire month of June.

In 2019, FORM, PCFC, REKADOS, and DAScollaborated once again and broke their record as "Boodle Fight," reaching almost 1000 participants in one-hour communal eating.

The Philippine Heritage Month Caravan 2019 was also a province-wide Filipino Community collaboration where there were "Boodle Fights" and "Lechon Galore" in several communities of Alberta ( Airdrie, Banff, Calgary and Okotoks) one day every weekend of June. I

In the 2nd and subsequent series, it will be a retrospect. from 2008, when The Main Ingredient (TMI) was born in print and paved its way into the palates of local Albertans by showcasing the fusion of Filipino Cuisines.

Prepared by: Marietta B. Pangan,

Columnist/ Host- REKADOS-The Main Ingredient/DAS

Host- The Main Ingredient/FCM Live

Advisor/BOD- Philippine Canadian Chefs / Philippine Culinary Federation of Canada

Advisor/Collaborator Leader/Volunteer- Philippine Heritage Month Caravan

Advisor- Philippine Independence Day Committee

PIOCC-Sulong Kalayaan Society

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