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The letter “C” of Corona Story.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The plate on my car starts with letter “C”. My driving around Calgary has decreased thanks to Covid19. Caution and care come first in the area of community connections, contact, chitchat and conversation. Cornered by fear and anxiety, my family conscientiously try our best to follow the government’s advice in coping with the curse. Cooking, cooing, crooning, and catnapping are the contours of our new normal. Adjusting comfortingly after weeks of compelled isolation.

My typical afternoons are characterized and consumed by reading any materials available around. Books on cooking, coloring, care giving, chocolate cake, cotton candy and crafts making included. Colorful, compelling and crafty materials contributed pleasure to my cranial lobe. Time well consumed.

One afternoon in one cluttered corner of my little library was this old book of quotations covered with dust. I curiously opened and read a compelling piece. Around 500 years before the Birth of Christ (BC) a Chinese Philosopher, Confucius, said: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

Moments of contemplating a clear picture of a complicated world cruised with clarity in my mind. Consider the following: Political correctness; cancel culture; government corruptions and cronyism; corporate greed; climate change; capitalism; communism; consumerism; cannabis; crude oil price tanked; stocks crumbling; warring countries; couples separating; family and community conflict; crowded refugee camps; colossal poverty and inequality; clean water shortage; social media’s fake news coverage; collapsing morality; complacency; callous conscience, covetousness, who-cares mentality; Christian persecutions, etc.

Then out of nowhere while collating information my mind was cut short of the present chaos – spread of Covid19 (allegedly originated from one of the culinary destinations in China). Currently, Covid19 is crushing not only the economic well being of humanity. More dreadful than cancer, it carried and compounded confusion, chaos, carnage, condolences, cremations, cemeteries busy in all corners of all the continents of the world.

Connections concocted. Over 500 BC Confucius stated a fact of life. Confucius amplified the consequences of complicated life – possibly what we are experiencing now. A crown (Corona Virus) of fear, anxiety and destruction. However, in the year of our Lord (AD) Christ offered the way of life. In Christ last day (Good Friday) He experienced and endured a different kind of Corona (thorny crown). However, He offered hope, abundant life and salvation to all who believe – diametrically opposed to Covid19.

Coincidence? Both Coronas have thorns. Is it the right moment for humanity to choose what to focus and seriously consider amid this catastrophe? Covid19 or Christ!

As the world is suffering from Covid19, may we find hope and courage to celebrate Christ's crucifixion and suffering at the cross to bring a new covenant, a centerpiece and centrality of God's love for mankind.

April 10, 2020

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