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Unique and Rare Nature Dates in Alberta (Series)

Updated: Jun 6, 2022


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Is that in Alberta? How did I miss that? Where can I go to chase it? Can I go with you on your next trip? When is the best time to see it? A few of the persistent questions I was asked after I posted a collection of photos displayed on social media or online. Will these inquiries qualify enough for me to believe that I am generally a curious traveller, photographer wannabe, culture vulture and a self-proclaimed road trip guru (dream on!)?

What is surprising to me is that they are definitely within and around the province. What is more remarkable to realize is that I was under the wrong presumption that most of them had been noticed several times by hundreds of thousands of Albertans and visitors all over the globe. My fascination with Alberta's vastness and tremendous beauty continues to amuse me even after more than two decades of constant visits. Of the four seasons, Spring and Summer excite me the most, especially when the leaves return, flowers start to blossom, ice slowly melts, the occasional shorts and t-shirt ensemble and Equinox. Alberta is so blessed with several natural phenomena, with all the elements. These five ( Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and The Void) determine my destinations and when travelling starts and ends.

Here are the 8 Unique Gems in 5 National Parks to guide you to do some rare nature dates within the province. It is 4 -parts series to highlight the Natural Beauty and some of the Offbeaten paths every nature enthusiast can genuinely enjoy in Alberta throughout summer. Part 1. Bewitching Aurora Borealis, Shooting Stars and the Milky Way .

An elusive natural light phenomenon ranges from deep green, yellow, red and purple dancing in the clear night sky. These stunning dances of lights in the air make people travel from across the globe to catch a glimpse of it. The key is to patiently find the ideal spots to witness the rare occurrences of shooting stars, the Milky Way and the Lady Aurora herself. Anyone patient enough and with a bit of enthusiasm can see Aurora Borealis all year long in Alberta. Suggestions: Barrier Lake, Kananaskis Country, Banff National Park, Bow Summit and Drumheller. Tips: Download an Aurora Map Apps and join the Alberta Alberta Chasers Facebook Group to get expert and season AAC advice on how and where to chase the Lady Aurora.

Part 2. Captivating Wildflowers

Enjoy the journey, stop and smell the flowers, literally!. The pristine wilderness of Alberta is curated with hues and colourful shades coming from the blooms of wildflowers. Shades of White, yellow, red, pink, purple, clusters, and fields, even along the roadside or trails. More than 50% of them can be found gliding along with southern Alberta. Waterton Wildflower Annual Festival is a much-awaited occasion in spring when the wildflowers are at their peak.

Suggestions: Cruising Cowboy Trail all the way to Waterton National Parks. Hike Bow Summit and Valley of the Five Lakes Jasper. Glide David Thompson Highway. Explore East to South Alberta, The Badlands. Drive along Lake Minnewanka Scenic Route at Banff National Park. Tips: Purchase pocket pamphlet of Alberta Wildflowers.

3. Turquoise Glacier Fed Lakes 4. Mirror Reflection Lakes and Mountains 5. Invigorating Sunrise & Mesmerizing Sunsets 6. Majestic Mountains 7. The Prairie- Alberta 8. Raging Waterfalls

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