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When Home Becomes the Workplace

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Sharina Dumaran

Many businesses are affected during this COVID crisis. Front liners still need to be in public to serve in grocery stores and restaurants. Offices have to find alternate ways of working remotely from home. Some enjoy working from home with their pyjamas and walking their dog while working on their phone. One thing I like about working from home is getting up later. I don’t have to worry about commuting. It also saves money on gas, clothing and food. There’s definitely more freedom.

Others prefer working at the office. Noises coming from the outside, such as neighbours mowing their lawns or kids playing, can be a distraction. Kids and spouses’ can also interrupt working conditions; working from home is not for everyone. It’s also a challenge with technology and background noises while having meetings with coworkers.

Procrastination has a more significant pull when you are working from home. It’s easier to be distracted with your tube or try a new recipe. It’s easier to delay an unpleasant task. When you are at the office, there are expectations such as dress code, arrival time and departure time. Those who have low frustration tolerance find ways to procrastinate a problematic task. They get up every 10 minutes to find distractions. People with high frustration tolerance tend to be more productive working remotely from home.

Many employees may experience unanticipated mental health consequences, as well. Burn out, and isolation is the two main concerns. Many feel they need to prove their value as an employee, so they tend to work longer hours because they want to contribute more. Isolation is also another issue. People feel lonely; they are disconnected from their coworkers. Studies show that staying connected with your coworkers virtually can help relieve the isolation. Have virtual coffee breaks, talk about non-work related matters. It helps to have regular daily conversations. So you don’t get overwhelmed with work, make sure that you have set time for working hours. Communicate with your family when you are at work. It also helps to have your own office for privacy. Keep usual routines, like shower and change like you usually do. Use the commuting time for meditation and self-care.

During this hard time, we have to find ways to cope and deal with current challenges. This could be a new era in modernizing new ways of working. We have to embrace the change and move forward.

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